Suddenly stopping steroids

I’ve been getting the Heather calls for several years. They use to come on my landline a few times a week. Gave up my landline and was relieved to end her annoying calls. About a year later I started receiving them on my cell. I about passed out the first time and yelled NOOOOOO!!!! It does no good to ask them to remove you from their call list, they hang up before you get the words out. One time I tried just messing with the guy and kept putting him on hold. Like I told him to hang on while I go change the babie’s diaper, or someone’s at my door, or I need to take a quick shower. The guy actually stayed on the line for hours while I went about my daily routine. Wow they’re desperate. Oh how I wish I could reach through my phone and ring Heather’s neck!

Just found out you’re pregnant? Don’t stop taking your antidepressant medication. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pregnant women who have untreated or poorly treated psychiatric health problems, including depression, may be less likely to take good care of themselves during pregnancy. Let the doctor who is treating your depression know that you are pregnant. And, of course, let the doctor managing your pregnancy know that you have depression and are taking medication. Together, you can make decisions about how to best treat your depression during pregnancy .

Suddenly stopping steroids

suddenly stopping steroids


suddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroidssuddenly stopping steroids