Stress reducing steroid hormones

It so happens that I read in some summary papers yesterday (German ones) about dealing with PMR/GCA that the fact the ESR and CRP are in the normal range does NOT mean the disease is inactive - so even the expert rheumatologists think that, it isn't just my logical scientist mind making the concept up! If that is the case - and since you still have some pain this is the case for you you need something. Mind you - this same German expert also said that it was possible to get patients off pred in 6 months but such patients were then likely to have at least one and usually 2 relapses needing to start from scratch on the dose and, in the end, took more pred than patients who remained on a much lower dose for a longer time. Apparently it didn't occur to him that maybe he'd pushed the reduction stakes a bit hard and slower might well be better! This document was published in about 2006 so isn't totally up-to-date but is from the days of publications that most rheumatologists seem to be working on. There has been a lot published in the last 3 years.

--- Stress is often mentioned by CSS patients around the time of their diagnosis, and in a way this seems related to the adrenal glands as well. A patient in another support group reported reading in "The Stress of Life" by Dr. H. Seyle:.... "the adrenal glands are the processors of stress in our bodies. A person's stress resistance will vary with the competence of his adrenals. Continually stressing them, finally depletes them. When we become exhausted by life, on a mental or physical level, our adrenal glands often fail to keep up, and illness ensues".

Stress reducing steroid hormones

stress reducing steroid hormones


stress reducing steroid hormonesstress reducing steroid hormonesstress reducing steroid hormonesstress reducing steroid hormonesstress reducing steroid hormones