Steroids drug test urine

To support our steroid testing service, RTL employs Dr. Victor Uralets, formerly Director of Sports Testing at Quest Diagnostics. Dr. Uralets has 26 years of drug testing laboratory experience with 11 years focused on Olympic laboratory testing. Dr. Uralets holds a doctorate degree in organic chemistry from the Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Moscow State University. With the addition of Dr. Uralets to its staff, RTL offers the same confidence in testing for steroids as it does for urine and oral fluid drug testing .

You can pass a urine drug test is you've used illegal drugs or prescription medication that was not prescribed to you. There are many methods that can eliminate or mask drug metabolites in your system to give a negative urine drug test. Some individuals opt for what are know as "home remedies". Examples would be drinking a lot of water prior to testing, as an attempt to dilute urine. Others will try urine spiking, by adding bleach, salt, or vinegar to their urine samples when in the bathroom of a testing lab. None of these methods are recommended, as the labs have adulteration tests that can pick this up, no matter what you may read on certain drug testing message blogs or forums.

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Steroids drug test urine

steroids drug test urine


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