Steroid inhaler asthma

Advair (Fluticasone + Salmeterol) :    The original combination inhaler is still the most popular.     Basically it combines a steroid with a long acting beta adrenergic (LABA).   The steroid  controls inflammation while the LABA keeps your lungs relaxed around the clock.   The combination of these medicines has worked wonders for many asthmatics.  The best part of this medicine is all you need to do is take one puff in the morning and one before bed.   This greatly improves complaince, and that alone I think has benefited many asthmatics.

Studies with oral and intravenous dosing of radiolabeled ciclesonide have shown an incomplete extent of oral absorption (%). The oral bioavailability of both ciclesonide and the active metabolite is negligible (<% for ciclesonide, <1% for the metabolite). Based on a γ-scintigraphy experiment, lung deposition in healthy subjects is 52%. In line with this figure, the systemic bioavailability for the active metabolite is >50% by using the ciclesonide metered dose inhaler. As the oral bioavailability for the active metabolite is <1%, the swallowed portion of the inhaled ciclesonide does not contribute to systemic absorption.

I was on all varieties of drugs, preventative, acute response. I practiced the breathing techniques for months and my asthma symptoms were completely eliminated and more permanently. It convinced me that the western approach to asthma was completely symptom treating, inherently wrong and the medications only act to exacerbate the symptoms in the long term. Especially when it comes to two-year-olds. Yep, wrong on both counts. Cromoglicate is a mast cell stabilizer available in Canada over-the-counter as nasal spray, inhaled aerosol or eye drop.

Steroid inhaler asthma

steroid inhaler asthma


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