Russian weightlifters steroids

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Oh come on, this is absurd. The guy comes with hard scientific evidence and you call that “unoriginal.” It’s called citing a source. You cited this Bill DeSimone guy a bunch of times, does that make you unoriginal? No, you’re just trying to back up your points like this guy, only Revo has better sources (peer reviewed science FTW, buddy). That’s a very weak rebuttal. You didn’t address a single point. It’s almost like you’re far more interested in being right than having a discussion or (god forbid) learning something.

I think this article deserves a small warning or at least a heads up. Since the program was done for getting your squat up, it is advised not to do any other (hard) low back work. Also this is not a long term program.
The program the author post here involves dead lifting 3 times per week with the same volume as the squat routine. If you expect to make improvements in you lifts I think you won’t be doing it natural. Maybe it is not known to everybody but dead lifts kill your CNS especially if you combine them with squats 3 times per week on the same days. I think this is not a good choice unless you want to risk spinal injury.

Russian weightlifters steroids

russian weightlifters steroids


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