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Lionel Barber , editor, Financial Times , 63; Peter Beardsley , footballer, Newcastle United (1983-87, 1993-97) and England (1986-96), 57; David Bellamy , botanist, writer and broadcaster, 85; John Boorman , film director, Point Blank (1967), 85; Raymond Briggs , writer and illustrator, The Snowman (1978), 84; Dame Alison Carnwath , chairwoman, Land Securities, 65; Kevin Costner , actor and director, Dances with Wolves (1990), 63; Lord (Paul) Deighton , chairman, Heathrow Airport Holdings, 62; Richard Dunwoody , three-time champion jockey, and Grand National winner (1986, 1994), 54; Christian Fittipaldi , racing driver, 47; Sir Rocco Forte , hotelier whose luxury chain includes Brown’s Hotel, London, 73; Sir Richard Friend , physicist, Cavendish professor of physics, University of Cambridge 65; Pep Guardiola , footballer, Spain (1992-2001), and manager, Manchester City, 47; Lord (Terence) Higgins , Commonwealth Games silver medallist (1950) and Conservative MP (1964-1997), 90; Jane Horrocks , actress, Absolutely Fabulous (1992-2012, 2016), 54; Lord (David) Howell of Guildford , president, Royal Commonwealth Society, 82; John Hume , politician, joint winner, 1998 Nobel peace prize, for his role in securing the Good Friday Agreement, 81; Paul Keating , prime minister of Australia (1991-96), 74; Angelique Kerbe r, tennis player, 30; Samantha Mumba , singer, Gotta Tell You (2000), and actress, The Time Machine (2002), 35; John O’Conor , pianist, former director of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, 71; Eamonn Owens , actor, The Butcher Boy (1997), Breakfast on Pluto (2005), 35; Prof Lesley Page , president, Royal College of Midwives, 74; Sir Alan Reid , chairman, Duchy of Lancaster, 71; Sir Mark Rylance , actor, Wolf Hall (2015), Bridge of Spies (2015), and artistic director, 58; Philippe Starck , designer, 69; Leo Varadkar , politician, TD for Dublin West, taoiseach, defence minister and leader of Fine Gael, 39; Sir Clive Whitmore , principal private secretary to Margaret Thatcher (1979-82), 83.

Hmm… I think that one advantage of a name that isn’t ambiguous is that I think it will reduce the potential for confusion about his sexuality. I don’t think that you’re trying to suggest he’s gay, but I picked up a few mixed messages.

–Adrian is explicitly called gay at one point (I think it was because of his scarf). Unintendedly, I think, that introduces the question “is this character gay?” to the audience.

–I’m trying to be delicate here, but, uhh… he does not seem very masculine in his dealings with the Catwoman. She puts the moves on him and, umm, kind of rapes him (?). Giving her a masculine name will sort of reinforce that Adrian is, umm, taking on a role in the relationship that has traditionally been associated with women. It may help to give them both a fairly equal role in the relationship. I think that will make their relationship feel more, umm, fair to both sides. He doesn’t have to be a Don Juan or a Rambo or anything, but I think any main character (regardless of gender) should be kind of assertive.

–Umm… the element of, uhh, leaking fluids could reflect poorly on his masculinity.

–He does a few things that are not problematic by themselves, but may contribute to a preexisting inkling that he’s gay. For example, he wears clothes that are a bit effeminate and is generally artsy. Just to repeat, I don’t think that anyone would take those two details by themselves and conclude that he’s gay. But, when a character explicitly calls him gay, then readers will draw on details like these to determine whether he is or not.

On the plus side, I think it kind of clarified things that part of his Hollywood fantasy was essentially being a sex-symbol to the ladies.

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Red lion bullies steroid

red lion bullies steroid


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