One year off steroids

But steroids create the ‘possibility’ that Luke will walk for up to 2 years longer than expected, they make it possible that he ‘may’ escape the need for scoliosis surgery in his early teenage years, they give him energy that he would not otherwise have had, and in many cases steroid use is a pre requisite for participation on a clinical trial. And so Luke started to take steroids early this year on a 10 days off/ 10 days on regimen and so far, with the exception of some emotional and behavioural issues and him not having grown much since, they have had a positive impact on his life. He tires less easily, he can climb a little better, he can move a little quicker and his balance seems a little better. I can’t see what they are doing inside his body but for now, his regime has kept many of the physical side effects at bay. He will move to a daily regime within the coming months and I know that this will change things. But for now, the decision to start steroids was a positive one and we will focus on that and the hope that they might keep him walking for longer and use all of Luke’s newly acquired skills to make his life as happy and abundant as possible while they last :-).

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One year off steroids

one year off steroids


one year off steroidsone year off steroidsone year off steroidsone year off steroidsone year off steroids