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Lindh was an outspoken campaigner for Sweden to join the Eurozone in the referendum held on 14 September 2003. After the attack, all euro-campaign events were immediately cancelled. Television campaign advertisements were withdrawn, and all TV stations in Sweden halted commercials from the evening on the 10th through the 11th to help the public-service channels of SVT report news. TV3 merged its programming with ZTV and TV8, airing Efterlyst (a programme similar to America's Most Wanted ) for people to send information directly to the police to help find the murderer. All campaign advertising on billboards was removed and advertising in printed media cancelled. The murder was seen as an attack on Sweden's open society, requiring unity rather than political campaigning.

You will also find cosmetics, consumer electronics, sport shops, flowers, toys, home furnishings, banks, liquors, restaurants, pharmacy and much shopping centre is composed of eight blocks under one roof, which really can be nice on a rainy and windy day.

If you need assistance finding the right things you can pay the Tourist Centre a visit, it's located in the centre of Nordstan. Here you get the best Gothenburg tips and get to know what's going on in Nordstan, because there is always something going on. Fashion shows, exhibitions, launches, contests and shows can be seen here annually. Around Christmas time and in the summer the popular handicraft and design market is organized. It's easy and convenient to park in the Nordstan parking garage, it's always open and has a lot of spaces.

Nordiska kompaniet steroider

nordiska kompaniet steroider


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