Muscle atrophy from steroid shot

Great article Drew. I could not agree more. I am 6’1 and around 77kg. I once decided to experiment with my breaks to see how many days it will take for me to start to lose strength. I started with 2 weeks break first and if I would still maintain my personal; best with best possible technique I would add another week to keep it simple. After 3 weeks break I still maintained/ improved on all my exercises and add another weel. I ended up with 6 weeks of total break before I lost strength by around 10% to 20% on time per most exercises. I used MedX machines at that time and kept precise records of all exercises done. I also had the entire gym to myself since I trained before my clients so all machines were pre set and i did not have any breaks between. My diet remind the same so I kept around 77kg all the way through my experiment. What is your personal experience with it Drew?
Thanks again. All the best. God bless you

Hip pain that may cause a limp during walking. Lying on the affected side may be too painful and result in disturbed sleep. Pain on rising from sitting and standing up straight. The pain in the hip area can be severe and constant with no let up either lying down or walking. As this muscle lies close to the Piriformis, the pain patterns are similar. Like the Piriformis it can cause SI joint dysfunction. But whereas the Piriformis pain pattern can extend down to the knee, the minimus pattern includes the calf and the thigh. Low back pain in the sacral and sacroiliac regions is most likely be due to problems in the gluteus medius. Pain referred from trigger points in the gluteus medius is less likely to involve the thigh; gluteus maximus trigger points restricts flexion at the hip whilst Piriformis trigger points restricts medial rotation.

Muscle atrophy from steroid shot

muscle atrophy from steroid shot


muscle atrophy from steroid shotmuscle atrophy from steroid shotmuscle atrophy from steroid shotmuscle atrophy from steroid shotmuscle atrophy from steroid shot