Liv-52 for steroid use

When the
liver is under stress or damaged, increased amounts of certain
chemicals (SGOT, SGPT, and others) are found in the bloodstream.
"Liver function tests" detect these chemicals as a measure of
stress and possible liver damage. Anabolic steroid abusers have up
to twice the level of these chemicals in their blood compared to
non-users. These values may return to normal if the
person stops taking anabolic steroids. SGOT and SGPT are
released while the liver is being injured. Once the damaging
process is over, no further release occurs. Whether the damaged
tissue repairs itself is unclear. Thus the damage done may
continue to exist despite normal SGOT and SGPT blood levels..

A derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and sharing a similar chemical structure  of the steroid epitiostanol, once ingested, epistane binds to the receptors of the body that are responsible for building lean muscle mass. It is a readily orally active compound, meaning it is best in capsule form for oral administration over injection. Once ingested epistane works by increasing the level of activity in the cells in androgen receptors, upon binding to these receptors, epistane signals for an increased retention of nitrogen within that cell as well as an increased level of protein synthesis, leading to an increased performance as the muscles can perform/recover/grow better. 

All products great quality 100% legit. Took Tren a 400 mg, Prim 500mg, Bold 900mg & Test 1000mg a week. They all did what they are superposed to do i used them to do a lean bulk and that exactly what i got. Even when my diet wasn't on point i stayed lean and held all size. Strength went through the roof and sex drive stayed high through out cycle. The Tren did mess up my sleep and gave me a fair bit if aggression which i could control so wasn't to bad on sides. Ran the Tren a for the last 8 weeks, Prim for 20 weeks, Bold for 20 weeks and Test 20 weeks. Very happy with all products!

Liv-52 for steroid use

liv-52 for steroid use


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