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-This book to me highlighted just what a woman is capable of, much good and bad as well and that no heterosexual male is able to resist her.

-As examples:
 ->King Shahryar's wife, the cause of her husband keeping a woman for only a night after which he has her beheaded.

 ->The lady that the jinnee kept locked up under 7 padlocks of steel and under water as well. Despite which, she has managed to have 570+ men pleasure under the jinnee's nose.

 ->Scheherazade. Not only did she manage to save the lives of countless woman, she has also managed to quell a man's want for her by telling a story to him every night, some dragging for multiple nights.

-It made me wonder what would have happen to Scheherazade once she had no more stories to tell, would King Shahryar have spared her life as long as she stayed loyal to him or would he have killed her come the next morning and if he allowed her to life, would she have stayed loyal to him.

Jack hanma steroids

jack hanma steroids