Horse steroids on humans

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Oral CEEs, at a daily dosage of  mg, achieve estrone and estradiol levels of 150 pg/mL and 30–50 pg/mL, respectively, while a daily oral dosage of  mg achieves levels of 120–200 pg/mL and 40–60 pg/mL of estrone and estradiol, respectively. [44] The oral ingestion of 10 mg CEEs, which contains about  mg sodium estrone sulfate and  mg sodium equilin sulfate, produces maximal plasma concentrations of estrone and equilin of 1,400 pg/mL and 560 pg/mL within 3 and 5 hours, respectively. [44] By 24 hours post-dose of 10 mg, the levels of estrone and equilin fall to 280 pg/mL and 125 pg/mL, respectively. [44] Oral CEEs  mg/daily and oral micronized estradiol 1 mg/daily result in similar plasma concentrations of estrone and estradiol (150–300 pg/mL and 30–50 pg/mL for micronized estradiol, respectively) (oral estradiol is extensively metabolized into estrone during hepatic first-pass metabolism ), [44] although this does not account for equilin and other equine estrogens involved in the effects of CEEs, which may be significantly more potent in comparison to estrone. [45] [46]

Horse steroids on humans

horse steroids on humans


horse steroids on humanshorse steroids on humanshorse steroids on humanshorse steroids on humanshorse steroids on humans