Holly holm steroids use

Rapid weight gain
Alterations in body composition, with marked muscle hypertrophy
Disproportionate development of the upper torso
Severe acne
Needle marks in large muscle groups
Development of male pattern baldness
Gynecomastia (breast enlargement)
Increased susceptibility to tendon strains and injuries
More frequent hematoma or bruising
Elevated blood pressure
Hirsutism (abnormal development of facial / body hair)
Atrophied breasts in females
Deepening of the voice in females

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Leave it to the MMA media to try to stir up controversy. Holly Holm has barely had a chance to send her new belt to Aldo for polishing and she’s already in the center of a steroid controversy. It’s time for Holly to relax, celebrate her victory, and then start thinking about her first title defense, but instead Fox Sports is already trying to discredit her victory because one of her sponsors had some tainted supplements at one point ( Not uncommon for any supplement company. )

Holly holm steroids use

holly holm steroids use


holly holm steroids useholly holm steroids useholly holm steroids useholly holm steroids useholly holm steroids use