Highly publicized side effects of steroids

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You’ve heard the reports in the news and by the many congressional experts regarding the side-effects of steroids and there is often a key component to good reporting and responsibility that is missing; we like to call it “Facts.” More often than not such reporting lacks credibility and for whatever reason it is one of the few topics that allow such continual behavior. One of the most common reported side-effects of steroids is death yet there has never been one recorded incident of death directly linked to anabolic steroid use ; is that a simple oversight, if it is it’s a pretty big one. Time and time again it has been shown with true and factual data that healthy adult men can supplement with anabolic steroids safely and effectively. It has been shown time and time again that healthy adult men who supplement with anabolic steroids, while some may fall prey to the side-effects of steroids most will not and those who do will normally only do so to a slight degree when responsible use is implored.

No, James. I am not being passive aggressive with my words. I am being confrontational and calling out people who think they can sense something the rest of us are apparently just too stupid to do. The audacity of some of the ilk as Miggy, this doctor and you to believe that you and they can sense emotions and have some kind of empathic sense. It is all just bunk and smacks of exceptional thinking. I am, truly, being intentionally rude. I find this all pathetic and not empathic. Not understanding the difference between rudeness and directness, and being passive aggressive just goes to show how really nonempathic you and others are.

Highly publicized side effects of steroids

highly publicized side effects of steroids


highly publicized side effects of steroidshighly publicized side effects of steroidshighly publicized side effects of steroidshighly publicized side effects of steroidshighly publicized side effects of steroids