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Ok ive just made my 5th pitcher of this tea,an my sysptoms of fibromyolgia an neuropathy is almost gone,not hurting near as much,an ive just fallen in love with this drink.. Its also curbing my appetite an i helping in my weightloss.. I just have a few questions…. I use turmeric powder,an have been using up to a tablespoon at a time,just wondering if anyone knows how much that really is,like if it were in root form… An also i used organic coconut oil a few times also an i was wondering how much to add of that… An if i should just add the coconut oil to a glass when i go to drink it,or to the entire pitcher…. An ive been using organic cinnamon powder 1tablespoon ,cause i cinnamon sticks r too expensive,just wondered if your supposed to use the sticks only…. An one last thing how much water is ok to add to this if any cause it dont make a lot… Ive been adding 4cups….. OK i think thats it for now…… thanks

2 days ago I told you your tracking number didnt work and that the package was late, I have all the emails that you sent right in front of me. The ones that I personally thought were a bit menstrual considering I was a first time user and asking about my billing address, it wasnt really that much for you to do at all. Not when you think about the work that must go into the system you use to confirm payments!
....Since then there has been no response or communication from you of any kind at all, youve not even acknowledged that my parcel is late. Why would you rip people off when there is so much repeat custom? Why cant you meet the basic task of completing your side of the transaction?
Personally if I dont hear back from you ASAP I'm going to assume that you really cant run a tea party and your website really has flopped! Im now going to place an order elsewhere and see how get on...

Elixir steroids

elixir steroids


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