Eggsteroids locations list

okay now i am really enjoying this game. 1 question, is it worth rushing through all the stages now, OR waiting for a new level set, like the 72 Stars {we have 66 in PC} & extra rewards characters. but while i think about that, i’m going to buy the Permanent Darth characters because they’re awesome. also Anakin Episode 3 which is very good too for the Pork Side level 2 group. i have all the stars {again} in the normal stages, but i ended with swaps because i wasn’t going through all the stress of dealing with the stages with the original characters again. on my tablet, only 1 stage is boosted, all others was hit with stress.

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Just trying this level again @dungphant , as I noticed when I opened Bad Piggies for today’s challenge (22-6) that I’m still only 2-star on my iPad for this level – 21-6. Got 86K last time I played on my iPhone, but now cannot break 81K. I’ve read the link comments about this issue, and have to say that whatever they did here has really messed the level up. Reading comments from good players, it was never an easy level, so why they made it more difficult is beyond logic. Congrats on getting the 3*, but I think it’s going to be beyond most players as it stands. I hope they never put this up as a challenge. When 3* is almost impossible, 95K would be a joke!!

Eggsteroids locations list

eggsteroids locations list


eggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations listeggsteroids locations list