Dfl steroids

In these last few days, I squeezed the remaining amounts of Zanfel from a tube I bought several years ago. It worked to reduce the itching and rash from a local PI infection on my leg. Zanfel did the job for me twice before on local PI infections so I definitely got my money’s worth. However, when I bought it, I, like others here, winched at the price and nearly put it back on the shelf. Later on, when I read through the Zanfel patent online, I was planning to try mixing toothpaste with nonoxynol-9, maybe add a little Tide and sand. But I’m glad to hear that cheaper generic versions of Zanfel are now available. Seems like the various generic versions lack the nonoxynol-9, but it’s pretty easy to add that in, and see if it really makes such a difference. (PS: Thanks vauron for posting your experiment findings.)

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Dfl steroids

dfl steroids


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