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Compact or mini-keyboards don’t have these extra keypads and so make it possible to use a vertical mouse with your arm at rest and elbow touching your side; far more natural and relaxed.

  • A conventional mouse twists the arm a quarter turn from its natural resting position and you have to grip your mouse to move it. Holding your mouse arm in this posture for any length of time causes your muscles and tendons to be tensed, fatigue, damage and cause pain. A vertical mouse has your forearm resting on the desk in a much more relaxed and natural posture without the same need to grip when moving it.
  • Good Computer Posture Your checklist
    1. Maintain good posture – check these items:-
      • Adjustable height seat
      • Lumber support
      • Screen at arms length
      • Top of screen no higher than your eyes
      • Wrists should be in line with your forearm and hand, not at an angle, when using keyboard and mouse
      • Upper arm should be by your side and your inner elbow should be just about touching your side. Your forearm should be near horizontal and directly in front of your side. Numeric and function keypads on keyboards make this difficult to achieve and the tensed twisted arm posture is a major cause of RSI conditions.
        This is why we strongly recommend a vertical ergonomic mouse and compact ergonomic keyboard
    2. Many people slouch unconsciously. Ask people to check you when you’re not aware. If you slouch, highly effective software to monitor your posture exists using a webcam to spot when your posture ‘goes off’
    3. Don’t maintain any fixed posture for long periods. You need to move your body around a bit so deliberately place things you use a lot too far away from your desk so that you have to stand up to use them. Physiotherapists suggest, humorously, that a seat with upturned pins on it is ideal…ensuring you didn’t sit there for long!
    4. Other tools and aids relevant to computer posture RSI conditions generally are below. : 
      • A  pull-along laptop/office bag considerably reduces the twisting action on your upper back and shoulder area if you carry a shoulder bag with a laptop or even a substantial lunch box in it!
      • Vibration and massage therapy can bring fast relief to RSI pain caused by tight muscles.
      • A telephone headset eliminates the strain placed on your neck, shoulder and arm, particularly if you hold a handset between your cheek and shoulder.
      • Software that types for you gives the wrists, arm, elbow and neck a rest through being able to dictate emails, reports etc.
    For more details and explanatory videos see our ergonomic vertical mouse and compact keyboard page.

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    Canadian steroid supplier reviews

    canadian steroid supplier reviews


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