3athletes that used steroids

Another way that hypnosis can help competitive athletes is in dealing with pain and injuries. Learning to dissociate from the pain can help them better cope with it and perform in spite of it. Relaxation methods can also be particularly helpful when it comes to managing pain which is a part of most sports. Hypnosis can also help athletes recover more quickly from a sports injury. By accelerating the recovery time the athlete can return to practice and competition more quickly, which can be very important for athletes competing at the highest levels.

“I look for ways to turn every ounce of potential into winning performance for my players. Pilates training with the Allegro® Reformer strengthens the core muscles, increases flexibility and helps my guys stay on the field - and off the injured list. The Allegro is the best equipment for the job. It's well-built and can stand the pounding of day-to-day usage by the league's biggest professional football players.”
Garrett Giemont
Conditioning Coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers
NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year, 2002
Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society

3athletes that used steroids

3 athletes that used steroids


3 athletes that used steroids3 athletes that used steroids3 athletes that used steroids3 athletes that used steroids3 athletes that used steroids